Saturday, 8 December 2012


A visit to Bertie's Bar is a must! this elegant and stylish space has a relaxed, fun and friendly ambience that is all down to bar manager extraordinaire Luis Cobas. A host with more than 40 years experience at the hotel, Luis ensures that Bertie's Bar exudes warm hospitality; excellent service and discretion are the watchwords as he serves up a wonderful selection of beers, wines, champagne and cocktails. 

Bertie’s Bar is the heart and soul of the hotel where a star or two can be seen relaxing in the early hours.Order champagne and bar snacks or choose from a selection of wines by the glass, malt whiskies and speciality beers. All guests are served delicious nibbles to enjoy with their drinks.

Bertie's Bar is open from 5pm to 2am, Monday to Saturday.

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