Tuesday, 27 August 2013


There is an exciting new bar menu at the Fifth Floor Bar, with refreshing and tasty new seasonal cocktails to try this summer. Showcasing unconventional and truly unique combinations, these delicious delights will treat your tastebuds to an unrivalled flavour sensation. See below for our full list of the must-try cocktails:

The Fennel Mule £12.50

A simple drink based on the classic Moscow Mule, this refreshing creation fits perfectly with the ethos of the spring season. Fennel infused Chase vodka is shaken with grapefruit and dill bitters, fresh lemon juice and charged with Luscombe ginger beer. Cool and tasty!

Clockwork Orange £11.50

Absolut Mandrin and Absolut vodka, fused with sweet yellow and red peppers, served straight up in a martini glass for timeless enjoyment.

Ginny Hendricks £11.50

Cucumber muddled with elderflower, ginger, lemon juice and Hendricks gin. If you are a lover of martinis, you will love this.

Watermelon and Rosemary Martini 11.50

A refreshing balance of watermelon, fresh lemon juice, gomme syrup and rosemary. Cleverly combined with Gin Mare and lemon bitters, this delightful cocktail is a real treat.

Hibiscus Mojito £11.50

This Mojito version is a must. Hibiscus flowers and syrup with fresh mint and limes; a perfect refreshing summer cocktail.

Wild Pimms Tea £11.50

A fruity mix of fresh berries and peach combined with fresh lemon juice and Pimms No 1. enhanced with Absolut Wild Tea Vodka and Earl Grey infused gomme syrup, this combination creates a summer taste sensation!

London in Bloom £11.50

London’s Beefeater gin, carefully mixed with fresh lychee, lemon juice and rhubarb liqueur, finished with a touch of orange flower water and served martini style for a taste of springtime all year round 

Grapefruit Martini £11.50

Rumoured to contain a fat burning enzyme, Grapefruit has long been considered a helpful weight loss food. With freshly squeezed Grapefruit, Absolut Vodka and Bitter Truth grapefruit bitters.


  1. Just stumbled across your blog .... LOVE IT! I'm obsessed with afternoon teas. I only wish I'd known about this blog when I still lived in London.

    You done any afternoon teas in the North East, we have some amazing ones in Newcastle!

  2. Would love to hear your recommendations for Newcastle !