Friday, 3 February 2012

The Grand Dame of Butter Cream, Sylvia Weinstock

Hailed as the “Leonardo da Vinci of Cakes,” Sylvia Weinstock is one of the nation’s premier cake designers. Known for her realistic sugar flowers, fresh ingredients, and buttercream finishes; Sylvia transformed the cake industry by developing a delicious AND beautiful cake.

Sylvia started her career as an elementary school teacher in Long Island, but she soon found herself increasingly proficient in the kitchen. During a trip upstate with her family, Sylvia and her husband Ben met chef Andre Soltner. Soltner introduced Sylvia to a retired pastry chef George Keller who had worked at some of New York’s best restaurants. Sylvia trained under Keller and soon started supplying local Hunter Mountain restaurants with her desserts.

While on a family ski trip to Hunter Mountain, Ms. Weinstock was introduced to retired pastry chef George Keller. He took her on as an apprentice and it wasn't long before she was supplying desserts to Hunter area restaurants every weekend while her husband and three daughters skied.


All Sylvia Weinstock Cakes are custom designed and created according to the specifications of her clients. Not only do the cakes look beautiful, they taste delicious, because only the best available ingredients are used. Below are various options that you may select for your cake, and you may choose any combination as well. Please note that this list is not all-inclusive. Any type of cake can be made by request.

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