Sunday, 5 February 2012

Fleming's Wicked Martini Soirée, London

Katie: Chelsie and I decided to indulge further and take part in Fleming's Wicked Martini Soirée (Well it was a Saturday night after all!). The Martini Soirée is located in the same vicinity as the Afternoon Tea, but maintains a respectable distance for both parties (those enjoying cocktails and those enjoying afternoon tea's) to not be disturbed. It is also worth noting that in a recent pole voted by visitors conducted by World's Best, Fleming's bar came 62 out of 100 for the city of London. 

The Martini Soirée is a special deal offered exclusively at Flemings. The deal involves two fragrant signature martinis accompanied by a slate of canapes. Our waiter talked us through our first martini, and we were allowed to selected either a vodka or gin based combined with either an olive or a lemon twist. We both opted for the olive option and the martini was extremely strong to say the very least! The canapes selection which was presented at the same time as our martini's was divine. Again like the Afternoon Tea, the service at Fleming's was very good and we were talked through each of the canape. 

 Chelsie: The second drink we had was a Baileys Martini a suggestion by our waiter, he was a god send! If you enjoy sweet, highly indulgent Martini's this one is for you! We were then left to chat and enjoy the rest of our drink in our own time. What a lovely end, to a lovely day! 

Final Thoughts:

The bar is gorgeous, infact quite a few times we commented on how much we wished our future homes could resemble this room. The Martini Soirée was very enjoyable, our waiter was very helpful and 10/10 for his second choice. We enjoyed the food, but would have liked a little more because they were so yummy! Chelsie and I think this would be lovely for a couple on a romantic break in London.

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