Sunday, 19 August 2012

Frankenstein Bar, Edinburgh

Located in the beautiful, yet historical capital of Scotland, Edinburgh you will find the quirky, one of a kind 'Frankenstein Bar'. The bar is conveniently located near to the popular tourist stop, 'Greyfriars Bobby' which is a small tribute statue to the true story of the loyal Skye Terrier and not far from the Royal Mile.

Frankenstein as the name implies is based on the central infamous character of Mary Shelley's 1818 novel. The bar is contained within a converted church, and is comprised of three levels; the main bar on the ground floor is full of atmospheric dark wood panels, elaborate decor including giant TV screens playing cult horror classics, booths and stools occupying the floor and even 'the original shocker machine' electric chair! The second bar is located at basement level and the third occupies the gallery, offering both seating and great views down into the main bar. Going beyond the obviously cool setting, that is a must for any horror addict, Frankenstein offers guests both an impressive selection of delicious drinks and hunger quenching food made from only the highest quality ingredients including; main meals, light bites, burgers and sandwiches, salads and sides and desserts!

Kate and Chelsie's Experience 
Last month Kate and I visited Edinburgh to attend the fabulous 'Fringe Festival' which is held annually throughout August. After one of the performances, we were looking for a location to enjoy some cocktails to kick start our evening; when we wondered past Frankenstein. We were initially drawn to the bar out of curiosity, when we saw a larger then life shackled statue of Frankenstein himself looming in the entrance! As we entered the bar we were taken aback by the decor surrounding us; which is nothing short of amazing and the great atmosphere which was aided by the classic old school hits being played. 

Kate and I took minutes to decided on our first cocktail; as I approached the bar I was impressed with firstly the vast selection of alcoholic drinks available and how friendly the bartender was when preparing our drinks in front of me. I selected the classic Long Island Ice Tea and Kate selected the very sweet Dune Bug; our cocktails were very tasty and perfect to sip on whilst talking and taking in the ambience. However, all of sudden the bells began to ring thunderously throughout the bar, there was chilling insane laughter and as we looked up in suspense; Frankenstein himself suspended in the air began to be lowered down and terrifyingly woke up! This continued for a roughly ten minutes; but was actually very enjoyable to watch. On completion of our drinks, we embarked on round two suggested by the bartender Dr Frankenstein (pictures) which is the bars very own creation comprised of midori, peach schnapps, orange and pineapple with wild berry vodka.  Kate and I mutually agree; if you visit Frankenstein you must try this drink! Feeling delightfully content we left the bar, and would heartily recommend a visit.

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