Thursday, 12 April 2012

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Royal Opera House, London

Chelsie: Kate and I are huge Alice In Wonderland fans, so unsurprisingly when we heard about the Alice In Wonderland Ballet production we jumped at the opportunity! Despite the extensive ticket que, we got our hands on two tickets, and my goodness the ballet was phenomenal.

The Ballet: The Royal Ballet's Alice was created in 2011, and was an immediate hit. The ballet we believe is to be praised for its faultless combination of captivating dancing and larger then life props. Christopher Wheeldon is the mastermind choreographer who interjects the enchanting story into every character's move; the energetic dances performed in particular by Alice, the white rabbit, the mad hatter and the queen of hearts are something to behold. The props really pull the audience into Alice's Wonderland with illusions, which include a shrinking alice and a larger then life Cheshire Cat. 

'Alice' begins in an upper-class Oxford garden party, held by Alice's parents. The kitchen staff are busy in preparation to make sure each dish is ready for the impending guests, it is here Alice plays with her siblings. From this early scene we see the main antagonists at the party transform into there Wonderland counterparts: Lewis Carroll becomes the white rabbit, the gardening boy Jack becomes the Knave of Hearts and Alice's mother transforms to the hot headed Queen of Hearts.Kate: My favourite part of the ballet was Alice's descent into Wonderland. The entire audience is treated to a never ending array of visual tricks. My favourite scene (and from our research critically acclaimed scene) is when Alice is faced with numerous doors in her bid to enter Wonderland. Alice chases doors, which are all unfortunately out of her reach and with every jump of frustration her footwork is both something to marvel at, and faultless. For those of our viewers that are more interested in the technical aspects of the ballet, beyond the obvious visual pleasure we have included some links to read there reviews.

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