Sunday, 22 April 2012

Patisserie Valerie, London

I first discovered the Patisserie Valerie chain in late March (2012). Chelsie and I had stayed over in London, and rather then stick to the more conventional breakfast provided at the hotel instead decided to explore some of London's Cafe's...

Patisserie Valerie is easy to spot with its brown store and cream cafe name painted across the top. The  cafe has a laid back yet sophisticated feel to it, with contemporary international art dotted around the walls. The cafe origins are Belgium based with the intention of introducing tastes of the continent to us Brits! Patisserie Valerie is reasonably priced, with the option of takeaway and sit down available to guests. From peering into the patisseries windows you will see a visual treat of goodies, but these are only a small handful of what is on offer, as the patisserie also includes Italian Gelato (made exclusively by Patisserie Valerie), confectionary (truffles, marzipan), cakes, tarts, delicate pastries and even wedding cakes! 

This patisserie has also got celebrity approval with the following celebrities being fans  Barbara Windsor (actress) and Ronnie Corbett (comedian). 
Kate and I visited one of the cafes in Covent Garden (15 Bedford Street), outside the door peering into the window we spent some time lusting over each patisserie as each one looked so incredibly delicious. Eventually we made a decision and headed inside towards a table, the service was prompt with a smile and in no time at all breakfast was served! The cafe has a relaxed atmposhere, which enabled us to enjoy our food in our lesiure and gossip away.  
Chelsie and I were delighted to find two pasteries that satisfied out taste buds accordingly; for me a cherry laced pastry and Chelsie a very cute apple tart with apples, sultanas and cinnamon. The taste was incredibly fresh and flavoursome yet at the same time filling which we were particularly saddened by as we could have easily enjoyed another one! We did however have a solution, due to the fact the cakes looked to divine to miss out on we would select some cakes to take home. The cakes were delicately placed in a box, tied with a bow and placed in another delicate handle ready for the train journey home! 
Left: Strawberry Tart, Right: Mille-Feuille

Patisserie Valerie Cafe's are opening soon in the following locations: Colchester, Leicestershire and Reading 

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