Monday, 30 July 2012

Swarovski Crystal World, Austria

Swarovski Crystal World in Wattens 
In the small town of Wattens, not far from Innsbruck the capital of Tyrol in Austria you will find the glittering Swarovski Crystal World. The crystal world was first opened in 1995 to celebrate 100 years of the company founded by Daniel Swarovski. The Swarovksi crystal world is unlike any other in the sense that unlike other locations, guests are not given a tour around the factory, or provided with insight into the secrets of the manufacturing behind their beloved products. Instead, the crystal world is an exhibition focused around numerous artists creations inspired by the idea of a crystal. 

The Swarovski crystal world is built underground, and you walk through different chambers of a Cirque de Soleil style wonder world of Crystal. The entrance to Crystal Worlds is shaped like a giant with a huge head. The giant is the guardian of the worlds; and entrance to these worlds are through his mouth. Colored deep blue, the main hall is dominated by a huge wall of crystals made up of 12 tons of glittering stones that almost overshadow a gigantic crystal of 300,000 carats, the largest ever produced. 

In operation since May 1st a special shuttle bus is operating between Innsbruck and the Crystal World in Wattens.


Close to the entrance of the Swarovski Crystal World you will find the “Planet of Crystals”. This is a 3-D projection that relates the metaphors of the history of the world. A special highlight in the Crystal World is the Crystal Theatre with its glistening figures. This is truly a special experience for children and adults. 

Towards the exit, you will find a giant gift shop offering essentially anything you could ever want from Swarovski! From beads to fine jewellery, from the gimmicky to Disney you are guaranteed to find the perfect present to take home.

DID YOU KNOW? Commissioned by the Austrian firm of Swarovski, the renowned artist Andre Heller created an illusory world of glitter. This 'world' is divided into nine chambers of wonder inside an artistically created water-spitting giant. Since the opening, the Swarovski Crystal World has developed into one of the greatest tourist attractions in the whole of Austria.

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