Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Kate & Chelsie's Must try of the week: Charbonnel et Walker Union Flag Fine Chocolate Selection

This box is priced at £22

Undeniably, this has been a fantastic year for the United Kingdom. Earlier this year the country was busy preparing for both the Queens Diamond Jubilee and London welcoming the world for the 2012 Olympic games! In honour of this very special year, Kate and I would like to share with you these deliciously patriotic handmade chocolates from one of the countries oldest and best chocolatiers; Charbonnel et Walker. 

The taste of Charbonnel et Walker chocolates are so incredibly divine that the brand has been endorsed by the Royal Warrant as chocolate manufactures to Her Majesty The Queen. Charbonnel et Walker is renowned for its dark chocolates, made from the finest dark couverture which results in an unforgettable richness and silky taste. Kate and I simply cannot get enough of them; we have a feeling you might just feel the same!

This striking Union Jack box is filled with Charbonnel et Walker's finest signature milk and dark chocolates. 

For More Information On Charbonnel et Walker Click Here

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