Thursday, 5 February 2015

KWEST Hotel Launches Glam Rock Themed Afternoon Tea, Served At Midnight!

K West Hotel in Shepherd’s Bush has launched a glam rock themed afternoon tea, complete with fruit tea infused cocktail shots, available from 10pm to 1am, as well as the more traditional time of 2-6pm.

Priced at £22.50, the fun afternoon tea has been launched to celebrate the hotel’s musical heritage as a one-time recording studio used by the likes of music legends such as David Bowie, the Kinks, Roxy Music, and Bob Marley.

Displayed on vintage record covers, the Rock Tea is served from electric blue and pink china in the hotel’s studio bar & kitchen, and includes fresh ‘rolling scones’ with clotted cream and strawberry jam, as well as a selection of cakes decorated with edible glittery music notes.

Other treats on the tea include mini gooey chocolate brownies, lemon tarts, almond & orange cake, macaroons and white chocolate ganache lollipops spiked with popping candy, as well as a selection of finger sandwiches.

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