Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Ritz, Paris- J'adore Paris, j'adore Afternoon Tea!

Katie: This year in honour of my Birthday celebrations Chelsie and I went to Paris. As an additional birthday treat (as if being in Paris was not enough!) we indulged in Afternoon Tea at the Luxurious Ritz!

When we arrived at the Ritz, there is an instant reminder of just how exclusive this hotel is with tourists taking pictures outside by the doors, however inside the Ritz the atmosphere is very chilled but again with the decor your continually reminded of exactly where you are. The usher asked us if we would like to dine inside or outside, and to this day we are glad to have selected inside, because around the walls are pictures of celebrities who had stayed at this hotel. That might not sound too impressive but to see pictures of icons such as Coco Channel, Charlie Chaplin and Gandhi around the walls is really something.

The Afternoon Tea was very simplistic in terms of what was on offer, as you can see from the pictures but the quality in terms of attention to detail and taste was anything but simple. The Afternoon Tea has quite a different feel to others we have enjoyed in the UK as this Tea felt much more secluded it was just us, the tea and happy memories.

Chelsie : I have a dream and that dream is to stay at the Ritz in Paris ! tho that is not possible on my budget Afternoon tea is good enough, and what a wonderful experience it was, the Hotel itsself makes you feel so comfortable and at ease typical perisian style. Paris being my favourite city just oozes sophistication and charm and The Ritz just adds to the magic !

Being that is was Katie's Birthday we planned the afternoon tea as part of the celebrations, and how lovely it was to be seated in such luxurious surrounding's and the glamour that the Ritz adds, looking at the pictures around you, you cant help but be mesmerised by the many famous names that have stayed, and for all the fashion lovers out there non other than the lady herself Coco Chanel ! I enjoyed everything about the experience; the food the service- all superb cannot recommend enough.

Katie: What I really enjoyed about this experience was how relaxed the atmosphere was, it gave us the opportunity to turn off for an hour or so, just talk and enjoy fine food. After the Tea Chelsie and I went to explore around the hotel, and stayed for some time in the garden of the hotel with a beautiful fountain. In some cases, in hotels such as these it can sometimes feel that you do not belong in this world, and as soon as you have paid you are expected to make a prompt exit, but not here you have all the time in the world.

We both really enjoyed this afternoon tea, and would consider this Tea as a classic. For viewers that have never experienced afternoon tea this would be a good starter, and for those of you who enjoy quality found and surroundings at their own pace.

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