Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Cocktail Masterclass, Harvey Nichols London Fifth Floor Bar.

WOW! Is the word we would use to describe the Harvey Nichols Cocktail Masterclass, we loved every minute. The Class begins at 10am, you are advised to arrive 15 minutes beforehand for an on time start. On both occasions that we have attended, we have been impressed with not only the beauty of the bar, and how immaculate the room looks but the attention to detail given in terms of the lovely pastries and choices of fruit juices, teas or coffees waiting for you.

Guests to the class then take their seats around the bar, and are told literally everything you could ever wish to know about cocktail making; from the correct choice of ingredients (very important!), to the correct equipment and even how to drink a cocktail. The class is great fun, lighthearted with lots of sampling along the way!

Unlike the Masterclass in Manchester that we attended each guest is given a print out to take home with instructions on how to make the cocktails at home, a very neat touch. The passion that Stani Visciano (runs the class) puts into not only the cocktail's he is creating but making sure you are having a good time is what makes the class. The best bit of the class by far is when you go behind the bar and make your own drinks! The choice of selection is vast, and it would seem you are allowed to make near enough anything! Guests are then given lunch (included in price) next door in the restaurant. The atmosphere that is built up though out the class, combined with feeling slightly tipsy makes this a great experience!

To finish the course you are taken to the fifth floor restaurant for a superb meal, (which also offers a vegetarian option) and your very own completion certificate! Each weekend has a different theme so you can always do a different one, we're already looking into the next class.

 I have recommended this to family, friends and friends of friends and all of them, even those that are not particularly into drinking have enjoyed this Class!

Great fun! We cannot recommended this class enough! The quality in all respects is second to none, this would be perfect for Birthday celebrations or just a great day out in London. 

This masterclass really is worth the money! with a lovely breakfast to start then on to the cocktail class. Stani Visciano really makes the class, with his great humour and knowledge really makes for a great experience.

Tickets are priced £60 per person, including tasting and lunch, to book your place (or places), or for further reservation enquiries, please contact the Fifth Floor Restaurant on 020 7235 5250 or email reception@harveynichols.com.

For private Master Class enquiries, please contact Novella Alessandrini on 020 7201 8786 or email na@harveynichols.com.

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