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Cocktail masterclass, Harvey Nichols Manchester Second floor

Cocktail masterclass, Harvey Nichols Manchester Second floor

 Katie: In June 2011, Chelsie and I attended A cocktail Masterclass in Harvey Nichols Manchester (City Centre). Harvey Nichols for those viewers that are not aware is a large luxury department store, the flagship store is based in London, Knightsbridge but you never know who you might see in its Manchester branch. 

The class began at 10am, and we were greeted with special reservation place cards, and a flute of orange juice and champagne. Our bartender gave us a brief overview before we began creating cocktails. This class was very hands on, we made the drinks ourselves alongside the bartender, this including pouring the correct amounts (!) and mixing. The first cocktail we made was called an English Breakfast Cocktail. This cocktail is a little 'different' as it contains gin and marmalade, an interesting combination!

This cocktail class is very different to the one in London, but still good the cocktails where lovely and I enjoyed each one, the group we had in our class where all a great laugh and I got the feeling every one enjoyed it, there is quite a difference in price as the Manchester one was £28 and its 100% worth this price, there isn't much left to say other than it was a nice morning and great fun! but I would definitely suggest doing the one in london if you can . 

Harvey Nichols, Manchester (City Center) Cocktail Masterclass Guide Ranking

Chelsie and I did enjoy this cocktail masterclass, it was good fun. We left a little tipsy to say the very least, but the class did lack attention to detail for example we had requested the recipes to replicate the cocktails we had learnt, and despite promises were not given them which was annoying. However we would say this cocktail class was reasonable value for money and a nice introduction to making cocktails.

Staff 7/10 Staff 5/10

Setting 7/10 Setting 7/10

Drinks 9/10 Drink 8/10

Overall 8/10 Overall 6.5/10

Chelsie Katie

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