Sunday, 2 September 2012

Calling all Australians ZUMBARON DAY has been announced!

The news you've all been waiting for ZUMBARON DAY (formerly known as macaroon day) is on Saturday October 6th

For those of you who are unaware of who Adriano Zumbo is and what he is renowned for; we will be more then delighted to give you a little insight in preparation for his Macaroon Day! Adriano Zumbo is an Australian patissier, who specialises in creating innovative desserts including cakes, pastries and macaroons. 

Adriano Zumbo's store is located in Balmain, Sydney and is a MUST GO for any decadent desert fan! Alas, for us that would entail a mere 24 hour plane ride; but if your lucky enough to live in/or visiting Australia we would recommend a visit! 

Annually; Zumbo organises a 'Macaroon Day' showcasing his own truly unique take on the macaroon, with an array of flavours seldom seen. Flavours in his collection range from bubblegum to Gin and Tonic with just about any flavour you can think of being transformed into a delicious macaroon! 

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