Thursday, 6 September 2012

Cake Opera Co Toronto, Canada

I  was mesmerized when I first saw the cake's produced by Alexandria Pellegrino (the artist – fine arts major from OCAD and Cordon Bleu grad) and Jessica Smith (the pastry chef-George Brown Culinary and Cordon Bleu grad) of Cake Opera Co. in Toronto. This is what cake should look like. Artistic, full of imagination, colourful, textured, intricate, an element of fantasy and statuesque. Opened in 2007, the duo have been steadily building their brand while churning out confections like macarons and chocolates and of course stunning wedding cakes on Eglinton.

Cake Opera Co.: Moretto Masks

Cake Opera Co.'s signature 18th Century French figurine cakes have adorned the pages of dozens of the industry's most renowned publications. While we can create any style of cake imaginable, there is something truly extraordinary about creating these Baroque beauties.

Inspired by The Masquerade Ball, Morretto Mask was one of the first of her kind. The "doctor death" mask, worn by bourgeoisie to conceal their illicit rendezvous, juxtaposes the fawn in her arms, a symbol of birth and innocence. And like Morretto Masks' cloaked encounters, her gown conceals layers of sumptuous velvet cake... an equally sinful way to end any event.

Cake Opera Co.: Hall of Mirrors

There is little in this world that is more lovely than the effects of the passage of time. Mysterious and ominous natural patinas found on antique glass & mirror were the inspiration behind this majestic cake.

Created completely of cast sugar tiles and 24Kt gold molded details, it was constructed as an ode to Louis XIV, Dauphin of France, lover of luxury and excess.

Named after the Hall of Mirrors or Galarie des Glaces, a breathtaking corridor adorned with a total of 357 mirrors in the Palace of Versailles, this cake adorns our very own spectacular window display in commemoration of Cake Opera Co.'s grand opening.

Cake Opera Co.: Petits Gateaux

More like tiny works of art, these exceptional cupcakes are almost too pretty to eat...well....almost.

The Lady Pompadour

Vanilla cupcake with rich vanilla buttercream, sweet caramel heart, mini almond macaron and Cake Opera Co. seal.

The Queen of the Night

Devilishly decadent chocolate cupcake with Valrhona 70% Dark Chocolate buttercream, crunchy chocolate pearls and toasted cocoa nibs.
The Carmen

Chocolate cupcake with raspberry buttercream, delightfully chewy homemade raspberry leather and a singularly perfect fresh raspberry.
The Madame Butterfly

Coconut cupcake with coconut buttercream, toasted coconut flakes and fresh handcarved coconut slices.
The Cherubino

Chocolate cupcake injected with creamy toasted hazelnut buttercream and topped with almond buttercream and a Cake Opera Co. candied almond.
The Musetta

Vanilla cupcake with tart lemon buttercream, a crystallized lemon slice, crushed meringue and 24Kt gold sugar.

Cake Opera Co.: Confection Towers
On their own or as part of a sweet table, your guests will not be able to resist Cake Opera Co.'s stunning Confection Towers. These fabulous pièces montées can be created with a variety of sweets and are a wonderfully interactive element for your event.



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