Saturday, 9 March 2013

'Small is Beautiful' charming Café-Bar 'C’est La B' Hong Kong

This precious little gem of a cafe-bar is designed for those who can relax whilst enjoying delectable sweet treats, savory dishes, afternoon tea or late night chilling and best of all, many will be delighted to know orders can be made for their take-away home parties in that area. A hearty savoury list of Pot Pies served with Salad Greens & Baguette can also be enjoyed along as well as Rainbow Club Sandwich, Savoury Sandwich Rolls, Signature High Teas with a Difference or Butterfly Pasta with Meatballs with special teas & coffees or a refreshing glass of wine and chilled Champagne

Selected signature desserts and cakes of over 30 creations which are made from Ms B's CAKERY will be featured daily on the menu. Ms B’s CAKERY is where cakes are unique works of art made to perfection from preparation to presentation. Exceptional flavours and texture combinations combine with extraordinary good taste and creative presentation make Ms B's cakes the crème de la crème in Hong Kong.

More than just Cakes…

Sweets include decadent, chocolate Heaven Can Wait; Panna Cotta & Fairy Dust Crunch of french vanilla panna cotta with biscotti 'dusts' and caramel crunch; and Moonstruck’d, a mango mousse with mango, pomelo chunks and chiffon that is “so yummy we had to put it in a cup”.

Along with sugarless desserts, a selection of 'potted gems' includes Double Choc A L’Orange
and Double Choc Peppermint. Gluten Free dessert is also available - Citrus Mess of delicious lemon curd + fluffy meringue + freshly whipped cream.

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