Saturday, 9 March 2013


If Marie Antoinette were alive and well and living in Moscow, chances are she would dine at Turandot. The Turandot Restaurant is situated on Tverskoy Boulevard a few steps from the famous Cafe Pushkin Restaurant. The owner of the both restaurants is the famous restaurateur Andrey Deloss. The Turandot Restaurant is an establishment beyond the scope of definition “restaurant”, it’s a true luxury palace, all the interiors of which are hand-made. Here is the tinsel, the antiques, the majestic chandelier of Malaysian crystal with unique lightning, acting fireplaces, tapestries – and everything is genuine! The details of interior have been made for 6 years! Two workshops of wood-carvers, artists, sculptors have worked at them without a break.

The restaurant has got 14 halls of 20 thousand sq. m. The tables boast china-ware – the XVIII century original copies. Three dozens of steps, winter gardens, frescos, pictures, silk carpets, vase collection of Min dynasty era. In the center – there’s a chic modern bar . Above it all there’s a mechanical peacock able to whirl and to flop, a grotesque hi-tech copy of the Hermitage statue in St. Petersburg. 

Chinese, Japanese. The menu was elaborated by Alan Yau, the only chef who was awarded two Michelin stars for the Asian cuisine. He offers the wide range of Chinese and Japanese dishes. It’s worth mentioning gentle ostrich fillet in bean sauce, Meru fish fillet with a sour-sweet sauce, Pekinese duck with beluga caviar, rolls with duck-chest, mango and crab salad. All the dishes are so excellent that the gourmets are at a difficult choice.

Pay your attention to the dessert menu. Ice-
cream and sorbets are from the Cafe Pushkin, while the desserts are all from the chef. For example, roll of chocolate-cigarette pastry with chocolate and pistachio creme brulee with vanilla “Bourbon”, hot lemon gratin with wild strawberry.


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