Sunday, 7 October 2012

Follow In The Footsteps of Ian Fleming With A Martini Master Class In The Bar That Inspired His Famous Line ‘Shaken Not Stirred’ At DUKES St. JAMES LONDON

Learn to make the perfect Martini in the famous DUKES bar; the location where Ian Fleming was inspired to write the James Bond line ‘shaken not stirred.’

DUKES has perfected an unmatchable combination of quintessentially English charm and undeniable luxury within a relaxed environment that has a home from home undertone. Keeping into consideration the above; it is of little surprise that Ian Fleming the author of 'James Bond' the famous double 007 British Secret Agent chose DUKES Bar (one of bars within the hotel) as the prime location to bring his character to life. It is rumoured the bar which is famed for its critically acclaimed Martini's is said to be the inspiration begins the iconic line; 'shaken, not stirred'.

The independently owned boutique hotel, DUKES ST. JAMES LONDON is delighted to invite guests of the DUKES Bar to perfect their cocktail making skills with head barman and martini guru,
Alessandro Palazzi (pictured above). Alessandro is a widely credited name within the bar industry and his incomparable skills have led DUKES martinis to be regarded amongst the best in London. 

His passion for cocktails is contagious and the Martini Masterclass will provide guests with a unique opportunity to learn the trade secrets from one of the industry’s few experts. Masterclass students will learn to recreate the legendary DUKES Martini and other classic recipes whilst Alessandro educates with his in-depth knowledge of each drink and its ingredients’ origins. After perfecting their martini making skills guests can relax, unwind and enjoy the taste of their hard work accompanied by some delicious canapés. 

Whether guests choose to sample The Martini Masterclass at DUKES ST. JAMES LONDON as part of a date, work event, or as a general excuse for fun; whatever the occasion it will provide an unforgettable afternoon out.

Master classes are held Monday to Friday from 3pm-5pm and can be booked for private events and cost just £95 per person. Groups of 4-8 people can attend each class.

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