Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A Selection Of Signature Cocktails In London

DUKES - Martini

Christened 'the home of the perfect martini' by The New York Times, Dukes Bar has a reputation for making the best martinis in the world – Charles and Di used to stop by and Bond author Ian Fleming was a regular. Legend has it he coined his double agent's famous 'shaken, not stirred' line during a particularly fruitful drinking session at the bar.

Savoy - White Lady 

An American barman, Harry Craddock, arrived at The Savoy in 1920, soon after Prohibition had begun in the USA. He worked initially in the Dispense Bar, and did not become Head Bartender in the American Bar until January 1925. He created many cocktails for special occasions, and is credited with the invention of the White Lady, while at The Savoy. His greatest legacy was The Savoy Cocktail Book, first published in 1930 and still in print today. This is now a standard reference work for cocktail recipes of the era. Harry compiled almost forty years of cocktails created in the American Bar, including many from his own repertoire, into the recipe section of this book.

Ritz 100

This glamorous concoction was invented to celebrate the Centenary of the Ritz London in 2006 by the bar team in The Rivoli Bar. It has it all – the sophistication of Champagne, the marriage of peach and orange flavours, the sheer fun of the fizz when the sugar cube is added at the table, and of course, the decadence of gold leaf. An enduring favourite with guests, The Ritz 100 cocktail captures the spirit of The Ritz…elegant and timelessly chic.

Dorchester - The dorchester of london

The Dorchester of London cocktail was first created in the 1930's by world-renowned bartender Harry Craddock, who presided over The Bar at The Dorchester at the time. To commemorate the hotel's anniversary celebrations 80 years later, legendary Bar Manager Giuliano Morandin sought to recreate the cocktail from a recipe book first published in 1951. Staying true to the original recipe, Giuliano faced the challenge of recreating Forbidden Fruit, a liqueur unavailable for 60 years and now available exclusively at The Dorchester. The combination of dry gin, rum and forbidden fruit create this strong, yet refreshing cocktail with a citrus complex flavour.

lanesborough- librarian

The Library Bar at The Lanesborough is famous for its cognac selection. The bar even boasts the oldest cognac in the world. The Librarian cocktail celebrates this connection with cognacs by creating a rich and sophisticated cocktail that can be enjoyed as alternative to a cognac on its own. A delightful after dinner drink, The Librarian is a perfect digestif with the beautiful flavours of vanilla combined with a sweetness from the cherry wine and a complexity from the vermouth.

Goring - The George Martini 

The George Martini was created by Bar Manager Brian Kinsella and his team at The Goring to celebrate the hotels centenary in 2010. The cocktail is named after George Goring who ran the hotel for 43 years and was also awarded OBE in 1992 and hotelier of the year. The bar at the Goring is famous for its Martinis and with its beautiful citrus flavours, The George Martini is a classic cocktail with a twist. 

Mandarin Oriental- Double 12

This bar has theatre and the Double 12 is a cocktail made to match, comtemporary, fresh and exciting. Served as an excellent pre-dinner drink, the Double 12 is a beautiful spicy and aromatic cocktail with a fresh finish. The Mandarin Bar is the bar to be seen in and has been reviewed as the number one hotel bar in town by London’s Time Out magazine.

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